Full membership by an individual is £70 per month.

Please Note: During the Covid-19 lockdown the group is holding Zoom meetings at the normal meeting time.
The normal fee is suspended and replace by a very small holding fee.

This includes the following…

  • Attendance and breakfast at all meetings.
  • Weekly opportunities to gain leads, seek specialist advice, share expertise and learn useful things from other members.
  • Attendance with a partner or guest at the annual dinner.
  • Going on the annual summer away day (previous trips have included Paris, Brussels, York, Dublin, Brighton, and Amsterdam).
  • Scheduled opportunities to present to the group on a rota basis).
  • Once established as a member taking a turn at chairing the meetings for one Quarter of a year.
  • Exclusive occupation of a business specialism with the right to lock out competitors.
  • Sharing Group Documents via dropbox.
  • Membership of the Platinum Point LinkedIn group.

Note. Attendance at at least 75% of breakfasts is expected.

If you’d like to attend one of our meetings to find out what it’s like then just fill in and send your details below.

Please provide some basic information about yourself and your business. That’s important because we do have a policy of only allowing one member for each type of business specialism. However, closely related businesses often have useful synergies so the policy is applied sensibly.

Please remember to include: your name, the name of your business, your position, what your business does and where you are based.