Guy Longshaw

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

The list below aims to give you examples of the range of work I do. I could also summarise it as: enabling clients to see new perspectives; get unstuck; simplify; clarify; accept; focus; smile! and perform.
I passionately believe that too many people are living with too much stress and fear and not enough enjoyment and appreciation of life and their work – you could say they’re having a ‘near-life experience’. I want my clients to become more awake, more aware, more conscious. When this happens they become more capable with more ease – really alive, not nearly alive. This expands both what they can achieve and what they want to achieve.
Here’s the ‘list’:

Designing people development interventions
• Talent programmes, management skills workshops, team development using ‘Motivational Maps’, resilience and wellbeing programmes including free cost of ill health reports to support business case and health intention surveys to inform strategy
Personal Energy Coaching

• The physiology of stress and performance, combining insights from four day heart monitoring (HRV), ‘Strengthsfinder’ and ‘Motivational Maps’, can include Exercise, Sleep, Recovery, Diet, Mindfulness, Qi-Gong, presence, connecting with the great outdoors, routes to peace and wisdom etc
More ‘typical’ Executive Coaching

• Behaviour change, communication, leadership style, influencing, clarity, motivation, change leadership, decision-making, career development
Large and small group facilitation examples
• Designed and delivered Resilience programme including one-day workshop for 84 Cancer Research UK event managers
• Resilience one-day workshops for mixed groups of 20+ Police Officers and Police Staff
• Co-facilitation of Coaching Skills For Managers workshop for 28 Tesco senior managers
• One-day stress management workshops for Cambridge City Council, typically less than 12 people
• Challenging conversations workshops for small groups of IT managers
• Mindfulness for better mental health half-day facilitated workshops

I am currently developing an offer that brings my coaching and facilitation around wellbeing together with the benefits of being outdoors…
Outside work I love being outdoors, cycling with a gang of local school Dads, running, occasional surfing. We live in London Colney near the duck pond and spend lots of time ‘over the green’ with our three boys. I’m the Chair of the local Scout Group Exec Committee. I’m into personal growth and love experimenting with meditation / Qi Gong / Yoga / presence / intention / gratitude / connecting with nature etc.

M:- 07525 021878