Gill Turton

Gill Turton

lifeadmin – Solving your administration problems to free your time

With over 10 years working as an Executive Personal Assistant, I had experienced first hand the effects time famine had on my clients. Our jobs aren’t 9-5 anymore and the lines between life and work are blurring by the second. I started lifeadmin to help people feeling the effects of time famine, be that in their life or business or both.

Lifeadmin’s Virtual Assistant Service works with a range of clients, from business owners and entrepreneurs to parents and young professionals, who are increasingly time-poor and need help managing their own lives and businesses. We help businesses with:

  • Diary & Calendar Management
  • Business Travel Management
  • CRM/Database Management
  • Email Management
  • Event & Project Management
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Templates & Formatting
  • Business Account Reconciliation
  • Research
  • General PA/Office Management duties

Our Lifestyle Virtual Assistant Service helps people with:

  • Holiday Research
  • Utility Research & Switching
  • eBay Selling
  • Queuing for wanted items, such as concert tickets, clothing and gadgets
  • Party Planning
  • Present Research & Buying

And much more!

Outside of work I enjoy watching football and drinking Guinness. Mostly at the same time.


M: 07760834671
T: @lifeadmin_uk