Gary Reid

Gary Reid

Tutch Media Ltd

From a very humble beginning, Tutch has evolved to become one of Hertfordshire’s premier Digital Marketing agencies.

At Tutch we believe that businesses only make meaningful change when they step outside their comfort zone, so being “Comfortable” with being “Uncomfortable” is a philosophy we strive for with our clients and our work.

Tutch are an award-winning agency, who have developed a process around the principle of “Communication with a Human Tutch”. We are focused on the fact that at the end of every digital activation, whether that’s a website, social media, mobile or search there is a real person.

People respond best when they have made an emotional connection with a brand, and it is this connection that we strive to create for our clients, maximising their online presence, generating revenue and giving them the competitive edge in their market.

Clients don’t need ‘another’ website or campaign, they need a creative answer to a business problem and that usually (but not always) means stepping outside of their current way of thinking.

We achieve this by working with our clients to truly understanding their customer and what the journey through their website should look and feel like. By placing these types of insights at the heart of the project we ensure that everything we create, from design and build through to functionality, is authentic, brave and emotional.

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