Frances Pardell

Frances Pardell

Owner, Pardell PR

When you raise your profile people read, listen to or hear about you. If you target the right places, you will be read, listened to or heard about by potential clients or customers, the people who you want to be interested in you, who you want to use your services or to buy from you.

My skill as a PR specialist is to get your name in front of potential clients or customers and let them know how good you are. It’s my job to enhance and sometimes protect your reputation and that of your company.

There are many ways to do this. Getting your name in print and online media is only one aspect, I take care of everything around successfully raising the profile of you and your business.
I train clients in public speaking, the prospect of which can strike terror into the bravest of hearts. I give you the confidence to do it and succeed.

If I’ve set up a media interview for you, whether in print, online, TV or radio I will fully brief you so that you feel confident and come across as a leader and an influencer. It’s my job to get the very best out of you and make sure that’s what people see or hear.

I will create events for you that make an impact and are successful, ensuring that it’s both a memorable and valuable investment for you.

I’m a good copywriter and I can provide you with content that people want to read. Whether you need a press release, a feature, a presentation, brochure copy, website copy, blogs, downloads, award entries, proposals, tweets or anything else that requires the written word, I can create something special and compelling for you.

I’ve been a Director of an international PR agency and I spent 12 years at the BBC. I love doing PR well and I am completely results oriented- some may say obsessed! With me you get the top person, not someone in an agency with less experience and expertise who is further down the ‘food chain’. I like to keep my PR company small and personal while achieving big things for my clients.

Nikki King OBE. Founder and former MD of Isuzu Truck UK said “Pardell PR is the most effective PR company we have ever worked with and we highly recommend Frances to anyone who needs to increase their reputation and sales”

T: 01582 537137 M: 07908 051600