Derek Blair

Derek Blair

Partner, Pinkham Blair Chartered Accountants

I am a partner at Pinkham Blair, a 2 partner/6 staff Chartered Accountancy business based in the Old Town district of Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire.
In 2004, David Pinkham and I were Corporate Refugees. We left the City office of a national firm to set up on our own. Having built our own little niche business, we specialise in helping other Corporate Refugees (voluntary refugees or otherwise) set up and build businesses of their own.

I act as business advisor and/or accountant to approximately 100 businesses, mainly based in Herts, Beds and Greater London. Some call me their accountant, others describe me as their Non-Exec FD or Chairman. One even described me the other day as his ‘financial satnav’.
Many business owners find it hard to identify the constants and variables in the equation that makes up the DNA of their business. I help by facilitating an analysis of each of those constants and variables to see which factors are holding back growth. Having recognised the problem factors, we then work together to devise and prioritise the actions needed to make the changes required to get a better outcome.
Outside of work, my passions (in no particular order) are:

  1. collecting things that no one else does
  2. history
  3. rugby
  4. beer
  5. any combination of the above.

T: 01442 220150 M: 07765 005651