David Priseman

David Priseman

Non Executive Director, Business Advisor, Management Consultant

Your business – and a question

Think about your business. Think about your products and services, how you create and deliver them, who your customers are and who you compete with. Now ask yourself a question: “Is my business doing today what I thought it would be doing two years ago?” Almost certainly, the answer is “no”.

The economic environment has changed, new technology has been disruptive, key clients have disappeared, unexpected competitors have emerged, government spending cuts have increased uncertainty, profit margins are under pressure. How much of this did you anticipate and plan for? Your market place is changing, so your strategic response needs to change, too.

So now ask yourself another question: Where will my business be in two years’ time?”
I help companies to answer this question.

Experienced Consultancy, banking, private equity, numerous advisory and non-executive positions. Specialities: Strategic planning and implementation, perspective, financial discipline, marketing and customer focus, project management, common sense.

Main interests Sport (especially football – I am the manager and trustee of a local youth football club), reading, films, jazz and rock music, current affairs and beer festivals.

T: 01727 836269 M: 07957 696374
E: davidpriseman@btconnect.com