David Hughes

Canopy Law (Shareholders Agreements And Business Sales)

I advise local companies with 2-5 owners/shareholders who want to put in place a ‘business will’ to deal with situations such as: What happens to the shares of the company if one of the owners leaves or gets critically ill? How are major decisions in the life of the company made? How are the interests of minority shareholders protected?

I also guide business owners through the business sale process – from negotiating valuation with the potential buyer, to completing the deal and receiving the cash.

Canopy Law does not record time and only works on fixed fees, so that the business owner has certainty of cost at the outset. We prefer it that way too.

Outside of work, I am a dad of twin girls; gardening convert; St Albans lifer; cricket/golf/ 5-a-side footballer; pale ale; veggie jalfrezi; sponge pud & custard.

T: 07701 027881
W: www.canopylaw.co.uk
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