David Hardstaff

David Hardstaff

DKNS Associates Limited

I work as an operations and technology consultant, ensuring that clients have the most appropriate systems and processes in place to provide the best possible customer service, and also to give them access to relevant and timely management information. Many businesses work largely with top-level financial measures, and are lacking the operational data that can help to pinpoint areas where problems are occurring. Proper business intelligence can enable them to take steps to cut waste, improve margins, and focus on the right areas for business growth.

My approach is initially that of a business analyst, establishing what is currently in place and what may be required. I can then specify, source and implement any agreed solutions, and I am very ‘hands-on’, frequently developing smaller systems myself. As a certified database specialist, I can combine technological expertise with the commercial knowledge and experience of many years in operational roles to bring real value to my client engagements.

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