Dave Foulkes

Dave Foulkes

Director, Business Film Booth

We’re on a mission to make business video a theatre of knowledge and entertainment.
Imagine hitting play on a business video and actually getting just the information you need, without waffle and perhaps even being entertained. And all this from the very experts who work at that business. Wouldn’t that make you almost happy to watch business video?

Enter Business Film Booth.

It’s time the promise of high quality, low cost, regular video production became a reality.

Also it’s a matter of national pride: Those showy yanks are currently streets ahead on business video but with a rich heritage in Theatre, Film and Television, it won’t be long before we show them how it’s really done.

The (slightly) serious stuff: Although we can create video to suit any media mix, we recommend SME’s that have not had much experience with media production start with a yearly membership package. Presenting your business to camera is a short cut to zeroing in on your unique USP and brand personality. It will also show you are “open for business”. Then it’s short work to a video strategy and a deeper engagement from prospects with your products and services.

After that, if you wish, we can help you consider more ambitious media with higher lead generating possibilities.

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W: www.businessfilmbooth.com

E: dave@businessfilmbooth.com