About us

We work on the principle of “Know, Like, Trust”

No we don’t meet in Venice but we do have some great trips out.

The rest of the time we meet for breakfast 7am – 9am every Tuesday in Hatfield Hertfordshire.

Platinum Point is an invitation-only network group with a difference.

The group members work on gaining a deep and clear understanding of each ¬†other’s businesses so that they are able to recognise opportunities for each other and actively promote and recommend each other with complete confidence.

Members are invited on the basis that they are leaders in their type of business and are highly referable.

Members take turns in chairing and running the meetings which results in a varied and interesting series of meetings. The weekly themes vary from workshop sessions on business development to tips, hints and techniques on special subjects such as accounting, tax, PR, marketing, web development, social media and digital marketing, franchising, publishing, finance, banking, insurance, legal services, IT, HR, Print & Design, Interior Design, Branding, corporate projects, coaching, consulting, training and sales.

Members say that they place considerable importance on the group members being able to generate business for one another, the educational content of meetings and the sharing of specialist advice and guidance as an add-on to meetings.
The members come to Platinum Point :

  • To give and receive leads, referrals and new business opportunities
  • To give and receive mutual support and learning
  • To give and receive consultancy within the group

How these three things are achieved is also important to group members.

The group members aim to highlight that they do this through developing strong and in-depth relationships. These are developed through actively meeting 1-2-1 and taking opportunities within group sessions to update one another on our skills etc. as these update. It is the depth of these relationships through which members can support one another and identify potential opportunities.

What about the business? Well, annually, we generate something of the order of £1M or more in new business for each other! It pays to be a member.