Platinum Point Networking

Fed up with the same old boring business networks that don’t work?

What about this?


Business networking groups promise to be an effective way of generating new business but they can fail to deliver unless…

  • The members in the group and their business are very referable.
  • The members in the group are completely committed to making it work.
  • Members know that the time and money they spend really does give a good return on investment.

At Platinum Point that’s the way it works – and we also have lots of fun.

Platinum Point meets every Tuesday morning 7:00 – 9:00 at the Mercure Hatfield Oak Hotel, Roehyde Way, Hatfield AL10 9AF

We are an invitation-only group so please contact us if you’d like to come along and give it a try.

CLICK HERE to arrange a visit to one of our meeting or to join the group.

Platinum Point Award Winners